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Frewen College

Frewen College

Service Families

Frewen College welcomes students from MOD or Forces Military families

A very warm welcome to Service Families

This section is especially for Service families, although it may also be of interest to those making general boarding enquiries. 

A message from Mrs Anne Moore-Bick                                

Governor of Frewen College, Past Chairman, SSAFA Forces Help, Western Europe and latterly, Sussex Branch, with a continuing involvement in the SSAFA Adoption Agency.   

“As a former Service parent, I warmly recommend Frewen College as the provider of a secure, family environment in a lovely historic building in the beautiful surroundings of the Sussex countryside. I would have been happy to think of my own child being educated in such a school whilst we were abroad, especially when my husband was deployed on active service.”

Welcoming Service Families 

CEAS approved and SENA eligible

Frewen College is approved by the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) for payment of the Special Educational Needs Allowance (SENA).   

CEAS provides advice and guidance to parents from all three Services, educational establishments and local authorities on educational issues relating to Service children, including issues relating to SEND.

Service families who qualify for the SENA allowance can use this to offset the cost of Frewen's fees.

SENA is the Special Educational Needs Addition. This may be available should your child have identified Special Educational Needs and/or disability (SEND). You should make contact with CEAS who will be able to give you up to date information. 

Boarding at Frewen

Our warm and homely boarding houses are at the heart of what makes Frewen so special.

Sarah Medcraft, Head of Boarding, has extensive boarding experience, that includes both Service families and children with special educational needs. The Head of Boarding is also involved in the day school, so provides a valuable link between the academic and pastoral aspects of the school.
The Boarding Team are keen to make Frewen feel like ‘home from home’, so provide a relaxed environment within a well-ordered and disciplined structure. Activities are very varied, including sports, cinema and theatre trips, camps, ice-skating, Playstation, judo and swimming. Boarders are expected to join in with activities for at least an hour each evening to help develop their social skills, but we ensure there is plenty of choice for those less keen on physical activities. 
Week-end boarding is available at no extra cost, and nearly half our boarders usually stay over. We provide train transport to London for exeats and half terms. 
Fully flexible boarding on site for girls was introduced in September 2009 .

Continuity of Education 

A recent very comprehensive Ofsted Report recognises the adverse impact on Armed Forces children of frequent changes of school and home, and has whole-heartedly endorsed the importance of minimising the disruption of children's education.The problems are exacerbated for children with special educational needs, and the benefits of a stable and continuous education are all the greater. This is why we at Frewen aim to offer continuing education and special needs support from the age of 7 right through to 18. 

Squadron Leader S writes:

“When searching for a specialist dyslexia school that struck the correct balance of academic and life skills, Frewen College became our first choice. That it turned out to be a SENA approved boarding school was the icing on the cake. Within one term, we have found a huge turnaround in our son’s approach to schooling, and he is much happier as a result.” 

.... and Cpl & Mrs G say:

"Richard seems to be having a wonderful time with you...... In fact the changes we and our family have observed in Richard, even in the short time he has been with you, have been nothing less than miraculous, and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts." 

Next Steps

If you are reading this you will probably already have identified that your child has special educational needs beyond those that their existing mainstream school can deal with effectively. You have probably discussed their needs with their teacher, and you may have arranged for an assessment by an Educational Psychologist.
If you have not already done so, you should now contact the Children's Education Advisory Service (, who will be able to advise you on how to apply for the Special Educational Needs Allowance (SENA). 

A message from Mr Nick Goodman, Principal 

I am delighted to welcome you to Frewen College, and I do hope to have an opportunity to meet you face to face.
The Services have always been very important to Frewen College. Indeed, it was during his Navy career that Admiral Frewen realised how many very able young men had not been obtaining the support they needed at school, and determined to do something about it when he retired.
Time and again parents tell me how amazed they are at the change in their child’s attitude to school as they are at last taught by teachers with the time and specialist training to help them achieve their potential.
Once you have had time to study our website, I hope you will contact me to discuss how we can help your child.     

Nick Goodman,


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