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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe our website is comprehensive, and the site map should guide you to most of the information you require. We have tried to cover here some of the other queries that often arise.

Why don’t you have more girls?

We only became co-educational in 2004, and change takes time, so there are still more boys than girls, particularly in Years 10 and 11. Around one-third of current pupils are girls; however, lower down the school, and in the Sixth Form, the balance is more equal, and we expect it to be around 50/50 quite soon.

Can we get any help with the fees?

Apart from Local  Authority funding there are a number of other potential sources of help with at least part of the fees. Have a look at our dedicated page attached to the ‘Fees’ page.

The Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) process is very long and complicated. Can I get help from anyone?

There are a number of organisations that will give help and advice to parents trying to find their way through the difficult process of assessment, EHCP and funding. Please see our ‘Useful links’ page, or contact the school office. Parents are strongly advised to take professional advice as soon as possible.

Is school transport available for day pupils?

We keep our transport provision under regular review. At present we provide daily transport to Hastings, St Leonards and Battle,  Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, and Ashford for a supplementary charge. We regret that due to the recent 'vetting and barring' legislation we can no longer put parents in touch with others who live in ther area, but if car sharing arrangements are agreed between parents at their own responsibility, that is fine!

Can children from Frewen Prep succeed back in mainstream senior schools?

A lot depends on the severity of their needs, how early they came to us, and the support available at alternative schools. In most years some Prep pupils do gain entrance into mainstream schools and we celebrate those achievements. Prep pupils will certainly have learned some coping skills that will enhance their prospects in later education anywhere, but the majority will benefit from continuing with the comprehensive specialist support available at our own Senior School. 

Do you put pupils under a lot of pressure?

We are keen to ensure that each pupil reaches their potential. We have pupils with a wide range of academic abilities, and our results reflect this. We use a combination of encouragement,  specialist strategies, working with pupils' strengths, and the unique learning environment of Frewen College, to achieve the best results for each individual pupil.
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