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Frewen College

Frewen College

LA Funding

Local Authority Funding

Many parents can only consider sending their children to Frewen College if their Local Authority will fund the placement. Over the past ten years over 30 different LAs have funded placements at Frewen College, and currently 12 LAs fund 63 of our 98 pupils.

LAs vary widely in their attitude towards funding placements at the school. Once an Educational Psychologist has prepared a report, some LAs will acknowledge that they cannot provide the level of support needed by the child cost-effectively within the maintained sector. Unfortunately in other instances LAs will strongly contest the need for a placement at a specialist school, and parents will then need to go through the often lengthy process leading to a SENDIST Tribunal. 

Even our extremely experienced staff can find it difficult to assess the likelihood of a particular pupil obtaining LA funding, and we recommend parents to contact either one of the support groups listed on our 'Useful Links' page, or a specialist solicitor, to assess the strength of their case and help them through the process.

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