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Coronavirus - COVID-19

All information and announcements relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) will appear on this page.



Frewen College is committed to providing full-time education and support to its students. Under normal circumstances this will be in school, but, should this not be possible - as part of a national lockdown, if a substantial number of staff or students are self-isolating, or if we are advised to do so by Public Health England, we will continue to provide education and support online for those parts of the school affected.

While online learning will never be the same as face to face learning in the classroom, particularly where students are dyslexic, our online provision in Spring and Summer 2020 was more successful than we could have hoped. Frewen staff were encouraged to think creatively in order to ensure that the work was accessible, and that students were well-supported and could easily ask for help if needed. As a consequence, the vast majority of students - with parental support as needed - were able to engage successfully, and, in some cases, created some exceptional work. 

Should we need to return to online provision in the future, it will be along similar lines, though this will depend on whether all or certain parts of the school are affected, and therefore whether staff are able to fully commit to online provision or are delivering it alongside classes in school.

We will advise parents as and when necessary if their child is affected.

Details of how to access your child's Frewen Microsoft 365 account from outside school are available by downloading the document below:

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  • Independent Schools Association
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