SNAG Minutes

School Nutrition Action Group




Present: Jackie Croucher (Catering), Jane Sage (Boarding), Alan, Tom D, Shane
Jackie first reminded pupils of the purpose of the ‘SNAG’ Group
Tom suggested that the existing furniture limits the space. All agreed, but it is unlikely that this can be changed.
It was suggested that at the evening meal the Year 11s could have a specified table. Mrs. Sage is looking into this.
Jackie explained the healthy eating programme, as Alan said he preferred it when we had biscuits and cakes at break time. There is now a good variety at the morning break including soup, milk shakes, smoothies, fruit and dried fruit.
Tom asked for more pasta dishes and cheese served with the rolls at breakfast time, this has already been put into action and we were thanked by Tom.
Alan asked for different flavoured ice-creams at lunch time. Jackie explained that pricing can affect choices at lunch time, and that the boarders do have flavoured ice-creams served. We do try to have flavoured ice-creams occasionally. 
Tom and Shane liked sausages for breakfast but this cannot be arranged due to the high fat content which does not comply with the national school regulations. They also mentioned that boiled eggs were not a popular choice.
Jackie has discussed the breakfast menu with Heather and she is working on some new options, including more jam choices.
A discussion was held on the timings of lunch – some pupils would like a second bell to let them know it is lunch time. Mr. Oddy has since been consulted and has said that this can be arranged.
Boarders would like a wider variety of fruit in the evenings. This has been acted upon and has included pineapple and melon this week.
Shane asked ‘if we could have seeded bread sometimes’. This has now been ordered to try next week for boarders in the evening.
Over all the boys were very happy with school meals and said the salad bar is great.
Jackie reminded them that they don’t have to wait until a meeting to put their ideas and views forward.