Latest Reports

We are regularly inspected by a number of different agencies, some regulatory and some discretionary. Some of the reports are shown elsewhere in the relevant sections, but all are brought together here for ease of reference.

Ofsted inspect our boarding provision annually, and the educational provision every three to four years. Our latest boarding report, from September 2011, is rated 'Outstanding'; the latest educational inspection from 2009 is 'Good with outstanding features'.

The full name of CReSTeD is "The Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Children".  It is generally regarded as the foremost body for inspecting and registering schools that teach dyslexic children, and it segregates them into different categories. Inspections are undertaken every three years. Frewen's latest inspection took place in September 2011, and this confirmed the school's place in the top category of 'Dyslexia Specialist Provision' schools, one of only a dozen in the country.  

The full report is attached below.  


  1. CReSTeD Report 2011
  2. Ofsted Report September 2011
  3. Ofsted Combined Report March 2009